Nak Shoes

NAK shoes was founded in 1966 opening the first store in Thessaloniki. Today, the company owns several footwear stores. Οver the years ΝΑΚ has been established as the brand name which offers quality and the ability to cover any need of the consumers, of any age. NAK Shoes is leading the footwear retail in Greece due to its significant spread, but also because of the substantial reduction of competition during the crisis in the country. The company thrived by securing an ever-increasing share of its otherwise declining overall footwear market.

NAK Shoes represents American brands such as Steve Madden (the world market leader in fast fashion, stands out for his signature New York style), Rockport, Naturalizer, Nina New York (the largest house in evening and bridal shoes), as well as Italian, English and Spanish brands.

In 2019, NAK becomes the exclusive representative of the leading brand Ecco in Greece. For the first time, Greek market welcomes the premium brand in footwear industry with 2,246 stores worldwide and 21,467 employees.

The company has had a steady growth in its turnover since 2005 (with the exception of one year) remaining systematically profitable until 2020 and 2021 where the Covid-19 pandemic changed the scenery of the market and the economy all together.

NAK Shoes has won international awards from the multinational company Clarks as the best store in the world (2008) and as the second best in Europe (2013). The multi-product identity of NAK is certified by the 200 brands and the 3,000 products, shoes and leather accessories offering a significant variety of brands to the consumers.

Meanwhile, with attention to detail and quality, manufactured in Italy and Spain by the most distinguished factories, the successful private label collection combined with the multinational corporations brought the company in terms of turnover, profits and reputation clearly superior to what it held before the financial crisis.

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