Ravenna S.A.

RAVENNA S.A. takes action in the field of tiles and sanitary ware back from 1982, offering a big range of ready-for-delivery products that cover a wide spectrum of the consumer needs, tailored to the modern demands of the purchasing audience. During, the last two years, the company has expanded its activity in Northern Greece by adding two more product categories: home furniture and lighting fixtures.

RAVENNA S.A. is constantly evolving in order to improve and perfect its products and services. Towards this direction, in 2012, the company creates a new department that deals exclusively with wholesale, completely independent of retail. The department consists of people who have extensive experience in the field of tiles and sanitary ware. This project promoted the creation of a large network of affiliated stores and led the company to the top of the wholesale market throughout Greece.

The biggest challenge that RAVENNA S.A. had to deal with was the innovation in the product availability and services. Indeed, in 2015, RAVENNA S.A. developed a functional and notably innovative, not only for the Greek standards, an online store, where consumers from every spot in Greece can buy and receive the products in simple and direct way. Also, the opening of the new store 5.000 m2 (March 2017) in Thessaloniki with the two new product categories, added a significant value to the company.


Andreas – Plato Vrettos

President  & CEO

Andreas – Plato Vrettos was born in 1974 in Sydney, Australia. Some years after his birth, his family returns to Greece, where they settle. After many years, he goes back to Australia to study International Commerce and Business Administration in RMIT University of Melbourne and at the same time he works in order to make ends meet. When he finishes his studies, he returns to Greece and starts occupying with his father’s tiles’ company. In 2002 he establishes RAVENNA S.A., the most important step in his career.