ContactPigeon is about delivering more personal, engaging connections between eCommerce businesses and their consumers in a scalable and intelligent way.

Founded by two engineers in late 2014, George Mirotsos and Charalampos Nikas, the tech company has grown into a European market leader in marketing automation, helping global retail brands such as L’Oreal, Fujitsu and Hertz, to achieving higher eCommerce results year over year.

The root of its success lies in the ability to capture, analyze and integrate data from all sources to develop deep insights into customers, and the capability to use such insights to generate hyper-personalized marketing campaigns across all digital messaging channels. Marketing channels ContactPigeon supports include email, push notifications, on-site messages, landing pages, and SMS/Viber/What’s App and third-party networks such as Facebook and Google.

In 2018, the company reached the milestone of directly helping to generate more than €100 millions in higher sales for the hundreds of enterprise clients worldwide, while its clients have generated more than half a billion euros in eCommerce sales. For this reason, ContactPigeon has been recognized by Martech Advisors (Ziff Davis) as top marketing automation for Medium to Enterprise solution.

From the very beginning, ContactPigeon aims to be a driving force behind the evolving eCommerce marketing. It has done so with more personalized content and efficiency in delivery via automation. The next focus for the tech company is to bridge the gap between physical and online while capturing the power of AI to help businesses generate smarter recommendations and better connections across all the business-customer touch points. It’s a truly intelligent omnichannel experience in a never before seen scale.


George MoirotsosCEO ContactPigeon

George Mirotsos is the CEO and co-founder of ContactPigeon, the award-winning marketing automation platform for eCommerce. It is “the mind behind the company” and successfully leads the development and product innovation of ContactPigeon. Prior to ContactPigeon, George had extensive experience in designing and developing innovative software systems in eCommerce, knowledge management, and medical science.


Charalampos Nikas COO ContactPigeon

Charalampos Nikas is COO and co-founder of ContactPigeon and works continuously to ensure the smooth fuctioning of the company by regulating its deeper technological foundations. Prior to ContactPigeon, Charalampos was working in the fields of eCommerce and medical science.