Athenean Brewery

Athenian Brewery SA is the largest beer production and distribution company in Greece, with an active presence in the country for almost 60 years. It was founded in 1963 by a group of Greek entrepreneurs and today is a member of the HEINEKEN N.V. Group.

It produces in Greece the following beers: Amstel, Amstel Dark, Amstel Radler, Amstel Free, Amstel Free Lemon, Amstel KARGO IPA, Heineken, ALFA, ALFA Strong, ALFA Weiss, ALFA Choris, Fischer, MAMOS (in a licensed agreement with the Mamos family), NYMFI, and Buckler with 100% Greek barley, as well as the two cider brands MILOKLEFTIS and Strongbow at its factory in Patras, with Greek raw materials. At the same time, its portfolio includes the natural mineral water IOLI, while it imports well-known beer brands, including: Sol, Mc Farland, Erdinger, Murphy’s, Duvel, Lagunitas. Since April 2021, it is also the official distributor of Bacardi products in Greece. It has 3 breweries in Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras, 2 privately owned malting plants in Thessaloniki and Patras, as well as the IOLI natural Mineral Water bottling unit in Lamia.

Since 2008 it carries out the first and largest Barley Contract Sourcing Program through which Greek barley is supplied to cover 100% of the company’s production needs. The Greek raw materials in combination with the modern breweries and the 2 privately owned malting plants, create a fully vertical Greek route for the Athenian Brewery’s products.

Along with its business development, the company has invested in the modernization of the production process, in the adoption of an integrated environmental policy, in the formation of a safe and fair working environment, in the promotion of responsible alcohol consumption and in its social impact, always through the contribution of its employees, with transparency and accountability.


Managing Director


Alexandros Daniilidis is Managing Director of Athenian Brewery, since January 2018.

He started his career at Athenian Brewery in 1992 from the Sales division. In 2002 he joined the Management Team as Sales Manager Wholesale-HORECA, while in 2008 he became Sales Director Greece and in 2010 Commercial Director.

In the period 2012-2017 he was appointed Managing Director at HEINEKEN Serbia. During these years, the company climbed from third to leadership position, while it was announced the fastest growing FMCG business on country level.

Alexandros Daniilidis studied Economics at the University of Piraeus.